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Blog: Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Celebrating Heather Beckett

By Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager

It is said that difference makers have a mindset that separates them from others. Difference makers do not wait for to respond to a problem, instead they anticipate the bumps in the road and look for ways to smooth out the journey not just for themselves but for others.

Heather Beckett is a difference maker. Before any event, production, or inquiry project Heather is thinking ahead. She has the ability to look past the obvious and ask questions about the what ifs. She has become the staff member to ask advice, to offer support and to smooth the road.

Heather started out in Cranbrook as a music specialist, describing her office as her car where she would drive around with music stands to teach music to grades 6 & 7 students. She commented that if she never heard Jolly Old St. Nicholas again, it would be too soon!

Heather then moved to the Valley, worked as a TOC and was hired to run the band program at Mission Secondary.  By 2001, Abbotsford district was very fortunate to have Heather move to North Poplar into the Integrated Arts program, once again teaching middle school students. Here, she worked collaboratively with the other teachers to produce the first Exhibition of Integrated Learning around the father of Arts Integration, Leonardo da Vinci. 

When the Arts Integrated Program moved the middle school to Sumas Mountain, Heather followed and has been there ever since.  Even though she has outlasted many staff changes, she is still the one that admin introduces first to new teachers, she is the one staff will ask for advice, she is one of the pioneers of the Arts Integrated Program. 

Wearing many hats over the years, including Grade 6 - 9 teacher in the arts and classroom, LSS, team leader and library, we are happy to have Heather move into a new and exciting role of Learning Commons/Arts Integration Leader for the new school year. Her commitment to the program extends to her family, with both of her children, Stephen and Emma taking advantage of the richness that arts integration brings to deepen the learning in their own academic journeys.

We look forward to seeing more from Heather, knowing what she brings to our school is irreplaceable. This year alone she has been involved in our production of Sound of Music; a community arts project involving plexi-glass and ink; a grade 8  sundial project that will be permanently installed on our grounds as well as being a mentor to a new teacher on how to genuinely integrate the arts into his classes.

Heather Beckett is a difference maker. Her commitment to education, to our community and to the arts is an inspiration to us all.  We look forward to her guidance with our theme of Journey for the following year. We know that Heather is already planning, anticipating bumps and looking to smooth out the road for our Journey.

Submitted by Marlene Funk & Karen Bennett, Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts - Sumas Mountain Campus

Kayla Stuckart

By Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager

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