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Blog: Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Celebrating Hope Marr

Hope Marr is an ELL EA at Clearbrook Elementary. Hope has been part of the Clearbrook community for the past six years. Prior to Clearbrook, Hope has worked at many schools including Mountain Elementary, Yale Secondary, Abby Middle, Godson Elementary, John Maclure Elementary, Ten Broeck Elementary, Fraser Middle and Blue Jay Elementary. Hope has been an educator in the school district for over twenty years.

Hope’s love for the profession shows with her everyday work. She is committed to kids and their learning at the highest level. Hope strives to better her profession, by continually seeking out opportunities to learn new things and by implementing her learning within the school. Hope has the ability to share her enthusiasm for trying new things with other staff members. She works hard to bring everyone along in the same direction.

Hope collaborates well with teachers, Learning Support Services and the ELL team at Clearbrook. Hope goes above and beyond her duties to make sure that the students at Clearbrook receive the best opportunities and support.

Staff indicate that she is very professional, energetic and helpful. She is a reflective practitioner who ensures that she is doing the best for her students. She is a team player who is always looking for new resources to improve her teaching practice. Hope is a dedicated staff member. When asked about her work Hope stated, “My love of children has kept me in my job as an EA, but my desire to learn and challenge myself is why I have chosen to work at so many different schools.”

Hope’s contributions to the Clearbrook community are exemplary. She is a hardworking, caring, dedicated, member of the district. Clearbrook Elementary, and the Abbotsford School District, are fortunate to have benefitted from her twenty plus years of service.

Submitted by Rachel Lack and Janice MacKay, Clearbrook Elementary