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Blog: Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Celebrating Our 2017 Retirees

By Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager

As is the tradition every year, our final Difference Maker salutes the 2016-17 school year retirees. This year, we will see 45 employees retire from the Abbotsford School District. They have served as teachers, maintenance staff, custodians, clerical, youth workers and principals. And each and every day, they made a difference in the lives of our students. 

In honour of the occasion, we interviewed some of the youngest students in our district to see what their thoughts were on retirement. It’s worth a watch, if you haven’t already seen it!

As we heard at the 2017 Retirement Dinner, many of our retirees are headed off onto new adventures – spending extra time with their families, RVing across Canada, moving to new cities and countries, and finally diving into a passion project they have always dreamed off. To the following folks, we extend a heartfelt thank you and wish you a very happy and relaxing retirement. Whereever the road may take you, we hope you all enjoy this next stage in your life.

  • Richard Epp, Bus Driver, Facilities
  • John Johnson, Bus Driver, Facilities
  • Joan Groening, Clerical – SS, McMillan
  • Maureen Smart, Clerical – SS, Clayburn
  • Corinne Popienko, Clerical & Library Tech – SS, W J Mouat
  • Thomas Matty, Youth Worker – SS, Bakerview Centre for Learning
  • Victorina Dunnigan, Custodian, Ross
  • Thomas Moore, Custodian, W J Mouat
  • Ernest Davis, Maintenance, Facilities
  • Vernon Goosney, Maintenance /Mechanic, Facilities
  • Doug Tarnowski, Maintenance /Trades, Facilities
  • Leigh Howard, Principal, CORE
  • Kanta Naik, Principal, CORE
  • Patti Tebbutt, Principal, CORE
  • Jim Van Meer, Principal, Blue Jay
  • Alex Andison, Teacher, Matsqui
  • Avtar Bath, Teacher, Rick Hansen
  • Adeline Beaujot, Teacher, Blue Jay
  • Karen Brown, Teacher, Dormick Park
  • Zofia Capp, Teacher, Dormick Park
  • Alexander Clyde, Teacher, Colleen-Gordie
  • Sharon D'Souzza, Teacher, Bondar
  • Lorraine Everitt, Teacher, Clearbrook
  • Sharron Forester, Teacher, Ross
  • Robert Hallam, Teacher, W J Mouat
  • Jane Hayhoe, Teacher, Yale
  • Deborah Henderson, Teacher, Robert Bateman
  • Mark Iannone, Teacher, W J Mouat
  • Sharon Inkster, Teacher, Clayburn
  • Adrienne Johnson, Teacher, Bondar
  • Edward Jones, Teacher, Colleen-Gordie
  • Susan Jones, Teacher, CD George
  • Joan Kaiser, Teacher, Auguston
  • Brenda Law-Johnston, Teacher, Harry Sayer
  • Joyce Marsh, Teacher, ASSS
  • Ruth Merrick, Teacher / Counsellor, W J Mouat
  • Jim Mitchell, Teacher, W J Mouat
  • Sheila Newby, Teacher, Clearbrook
  • Jill Omichinski, Teacher, Matsqui
  • Dean Peters, Teacher, AMS
  • Doug Robertson, Teacher, McMillan
  • Sophie Rosen, Teacher, W A Fraser
  • Greg Sharpe, Teacher, Rick Hansen
  • Carolynn Turner, Teacher, CORE
  • Sylvia Tuytel, Teacher, Sandy Hill

Submitted by Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager, Abbotsford School District

Kayla Stuckart

By Kayla Stuckart, Communications Manager

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