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Blog: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Temporary Teacher Shortages Bridged through Teamwork

Human Resources has been investing time hiring new teachers to the District.  Since December 2016, we have added approximately 40 new TTOC’s to our District, many of which are not available until after spring break.

While this is great news for new teachers, these new opportunities have reduced the number of TTOC’s available in the short term to cover our regular teacher leaves. One of the things we have done in the short term is to look carefully at leave of absence without pay and District level meetings, to ensure that we do not compromise the important work done by non-enrolling teachers by approving absences that can’t be covered by a TTOC.

It has been impressive to see the creative teamwork that has arisen to allow teachers who work part-time to assist their colleagues so that leave requests can be approved. The team approach to this unique problem has been heart-warming. 

Teacher shortages have ranged between 5-12 TTOC’s per day. Human Resources is optimistic that once our new recruits begin, we will have resolved our shortages and the leave process can return to normal.

Please be sure to welcome our new TTOC’s to the District, now more than ever we can see what essential role they play.

Thank you to our Teacher Staffing Team: Karen Baldissera, HR Manager, Christine Schulz, HR Manager, Judy Kumar, Recruitment Assistant, and Helen Williams, Dispatcher in the Human Resources Department for working so hard to minimize these temporary shortages.

Associate Superintendent, Human Resources