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Learning Support Services

Posted on: July 17th 2017 at 10:00am
Closes on: August 21st 2017 at 10:00am

Posting Reference Number: 
T 18 TSE 085 TEM
Rick Hansen Secondary
Commencement Date: 
01 September 2017
Temporary (01 September 2017 to 30 June 2018)


Secondary teacher training with a major in Special Education
Experience working with students in a learning services room setting
Detailed knowledge of graduation requirements for Dogwood diploma, adult diploma and school completion certificates
Extensive experience working as part of a learning services team
Working knowledge of the Graduation Handbook of Procedures
Special Education course work or diploma
Ability to administer B level assessments
Extensive knowledge of ministry requirements for designating special education students
Proven ability to write IEPs and review G4 files.
Demonstrated ability to administer and interpret educational assessments
Ability to work with teachers to set up a viable learning plan as indicated by the testing
Proven ability to liaise with community agencies regarding programs available to youth
Ability to follow up with teachers regarding student achievement, attendance, behaviour on a monthly basis.
Demonstrated ability to teach in an interdisciplinary model.
Demonstrated collaboration skills which have resulted in improved student achievement
Demonstrated ability and training in inquiry based learning
Demonstrated ability to guide and promote social innovation with the context of an interdisciplinary, inquiry based model
Demonstrated ability to design assessments around authentic demonstrations of learning.
Must be able to create digitally literate citizens within the context of their learning environment.
Good understanding of the course requirements and learning standards at the gr 9-12 level and how they can be achieved in an interdisciplinary model.
Demonstrated ability to design and deliver integrated curriculum
Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver relevant, experiential learning
Ability to conduct formative assessments, to collect data and to design learning experiences accordingly
Must be able to differentiate learning based on students’ needs
Must be able to plan curriculum for specific learner needs
Must have good computer skills
Must be able to integrate technology into all subjects
Must be highly organized
Practicum and experience at the secondary level essential
Satisfactory teacher evaluation and/or final practicum report(s)
Effective written and oral interpersonal skills
A highly effective team member
Eligible for BC certification

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