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You must designate a beneficiary when enrolling for the basic and optional life insurance as well as the Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Please contact the benefits department to receive appropriate forms if you would like to change your beneficiary. 

Contingent Beneficiaries

You may designate a sole beneficiary or you may want to take into account the possibility that your sole beneficiary may pre-decease you.  In order to ensure that your life insurance is dispersed in the manner you desire, you may want to designate a second beneficiary. This is known as a contingent beneficiary. In this case, the designation would read, "Jane Doe - Wife, If Living, Otherwise To My Son Robert Doe".

Multiple Beneficiaries

An alternate method to designate a beneficiary is to specify the percentage of the total proceeds to be distributed amongst more than one beneficiary. For example, the designation would read, "Jane Doe - Wife, 50%; Robert Doe - Son, 25%; Judy Doe - Daughter,25%.


It is possible that you or your dependents may require emergency medical treatment while travelling outside your province of residence.

In such a case, the Medical Services Plan of B.C. and the hospital plan would cover a portion of the cost and, generally speaking, the extended health benefits plan would pay for all or a portion of the cost of out-of province emergency eligible medical expenses. 

Please see page 26 of the ADTA benefit booklet for eligible and ineligible expenses.

Pacific Blue Cross recommends additional coverage when traveling. Please visit the Plan Information page on CARESnet, our self-service access to plan and claims information.

You can also contact our Customer Services department at 604 419-2600 or 1 888 275-4672 for further information about your group plan's coverage while traveling outside of your province of residence.

For Teachers whose contracts have ended and they have moved to the Teacher on Call payroll, you may apply for the Teacher on Call benefit package, unless you are a retired School District 34 (Abbotsford) teacher who has returned to the Teacher on Call pool.

Application must be received within 30 days of coverage terminating and subsequent payments must be received by the 15th of each month

To qualify for Continuing Benefits you must remain a member of the BCTF in good standing.

If you had a Qualified Life Status Change, you can fill out the required PBC Employee Change form to add your dependent to your Pacific Blue Cross Plan. 


If your overage dependent is living with you and attending University with a course load of 3 or more courses, you can fill out the required PBC employee form to add your dependent to your plan.

Please indicate the university, student number and expected date of program completion and send your completed form to Human Resources. 

If your overage dependent has been deemed disabled, please complete the required PBC addition of disable dependent application form. Once complete send to Human Resources. 

If you had a Qualified Life Status Change, you can fill out a form to add your dependent to your Medical Services Plan. For adding your new baby, fill out the MSP Baby Enrolment Form. To add a regular or overage dependent to your Medical Services Plan, fill out the MSP Change Form

Please contact Naomi Parker in Human Resources as different leaves have different implications and processes.