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Blog: Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

2019 Long Term Service Banquet

By Kevin Godden, Superintendent of Schools

The district’s annual Long Term Service Banquet was held on February 27, 2019 in honour of our employees who have served in the district for 20, 25, 30 and 35 years. Over seventy staff and their guests were in attendance and a great time was had by all. We would like to recognize and thank all the attendees for their service and commitment to our students over the years. We would also like to especially thank three people who have served in the district for over 35 years: Glen Hildebrand, Daye Goddard, and Angus MacKay.

35 Years of Service

Daye Goodard, Glen Hildebrand, Angus MacKay, Cherilyn Smith

30 Years of Service

Monica Delparte, Leslie Dycke, Tajpaul Gahir, Parmjit Gill, James Heinrichs, Marie Jessamine, Lorraine Lamb, Clara Lillbeck, Janice MacKay, Cheryl McLeod, Laura Menagh, Patricia Mitchell, Wayne Morris, Darlene Rayburn, Moira Testa, Lauri Wenting, Leanne Young

25 Years of Service

Ronald Alison, Ken Ambrose, Bruno Bergen, Laura Brar, Dawn Brummitt, Teresa Chalmers, Phyllis Collins, Gilbert Constant, Julia Coutts, Michael Crawford, Helen Duval, Linda Darling-Martin, Christine Esau, Patricia Evans, Karen Farkas, Rodney Faulkner, Robert Fussi, Paul Giesbrecht, Lee Graham, Bruce Grebin, Sharon Huget, Jan Kipper, Norene Kitsul, Pamela Kopala, Sonia Kraljevic, Stephen Laird, Frank Morris, Graham Neufeld, Brenda Nowak, Susan Park, Karen Rogers, Laurie Salter, Nimmy Sidhu Robert Sloboda Sylvia Tudhope Marie Van Dalfsen, Sheldon Weinkauf, Angela Wiebe, Douglas Williams, Kirsten Zemp, Katie Warmenhoven

20 Years of Service

Darcy Ahner, Linda Baglot, Gregory Batt, Ryan Colbert, Lynn Des Roches, Alison Draney, Kevin Duliba, Gisele Edwards, Clare Ellison, Dana Fetterly, Stephen Fowler, Rita Fussi, Leanne Goertzen, Brenda Graham, Heather Himmel, Deborah Horsman, Sylvie Ingram, Tanya Johnson, Dean Johnston, Geri Keely, Jennifer Larsen, Shelley Laspa, Prentice Lenz, Ian Levings, Liane Loeppky, Michelle MacLeod, Patrick Murphy, Ruth Neveu, Michael O’Donnell, Jane O’Keeffe, Rhona Pederson, Alfred Penner, Heather Preiss, Robin Price, Doug Primrose, Jules Pryma, Marlene Raymond, Heather Reid, Euan Roberts, Jillian Roberts, Tara Schmidt, Tricia Schubert, Carolyn Simms, Maria Szeman, Katarina Vlasic, Joanne Weatherby, Darla Williams, Henriette Young, Jennifer Nunnikhoven, Shelleen Stringfellow 

By Kevin Godden
Kevin Godden
Kevin Godden

By Kevin Godden, Superintendent of Schools

Kevin has been the Superintendent of Schools for the Abbotsford School District since July 2011, overseeing some 19,000 students and 2,500 employees. Kevin is committed to student success in all forms and envisions a school district that can nimbly respond to the ever changing needs and interests of its students.