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Blog: Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Celebrating the Angels of Abby Middle

So often the people who help a school run smoothly are those who are behind the scenes. That is the case at Abby Middle, where the incredible group of seventeen Education Assistants, Cultural Support Workers and Youth Care Workers work tirelessly to make each school day the best possible for each one of our students. Every one of these incredible people spends time checking in with students, building relationships with those who need extra support, coaching, leading groups, and talking to teachers to figure out how best to help our kids. Walking the hallways, one can usually see an EA, CSW or YCW sitting with a student, problem-solving about friends or emotions or academic frustrations. These moments of caring give students the feeling of safety and belonging and knowing that they matter, which allows them to return to class and keep going. The Angels of Abby Middle ensure that everyone in the school – staff and students – can do their best to tackle the world’s challenges.

Principal, Abbotsford Middle School