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Blog: Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Celebrating Debbie Born

Debbie Born is a Leading Learner. Under her direction the library has become a Learning Commons. Her vision of exploration, collaboration, creation, and design has led to a large open space with zones based on lesson design. Students are drawn into the space as she's created a culture of discovery, questioning and learning forward. Lunches are filled with activities based on student interest including chess, coding, reading, and art. Her direction has seen the evolution of student learning commons leaders who are taking charge and owning their learning journey and supporting their peers along the way. Debbie is Clayburn's very own Helping Teacher. She is never afraid to try a new app, lesson design, or ask the right questions. Through a trusting and nurturing relationship, she has built a culture with her colleagues of trying new teaching tools and modeling co-teaching at its very best. Mrs. Born is a teacher who is continually reflecting, and refining her teaching practice while encouraging teachers and students to understand the curriculum, encourage best practices, and take risks while failing forward.  Mrs. Born, indeed, models the school's motto of "Exceed Expectations."

Principal, Clayburn Middle