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Blog: Friday, December 21st, 2018

Celebrating Doris Schellenberg

Two years ago, we welcomed Doris Schellenberg to our ELL department and Harry Sayers Elementary school. Within a short time, Doris has already left her left her mark on the school. In the Fall, you can find Doris with her dehydrator creating dried fruit for her classes where she co-teaches. You can find students enjoying apple rings and dried raspberries with a delightful smile on their faces.  In the Spring, she will be starting her Spuds in Tubs program with her younger students- taking the potatoes from seed to French Fry. Throughout the year you can find Doris collaborating and planning lessons with her colleagues and afterschool hours she can often be found co-coaching many of our extramural sports such as Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball. Doris enjoys her life here at Harry Sayers and makes huge difference to others and students. Thank you, Doris for being our Difference Maker.

Submitted by Mark Byrne, Principal, Harry Sayers Elementary