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Blog: Monday, December 10th, 2018

Celebrating Kam Kooner

Amongst the some 35 outstanding “Difference Makers” that hang their proverbial hats at Dave Kandal Elementary, one in particular stands out as a notable “Difference Maker” for all of Kandal’s stakeholders. Kam Kooner has been an Education Assistant for 18 years, starting off in the Hope School District before moving into the Abbotsford School District 13 years ago with her young family. Kam has worked as an EA at Centennial, Harry Sayers as well as Dave Kandal and has been a proud parent serving on the PACs at Harry Sayers, Dave Kandal, Eugene Reimer, and Rick Hansen.

Kam’s expertise is in supporting others. Students, parents, colleagues, and community members are all cared for (and cared about) once circumstances bring them into contact with her. Programs and resources are adeptly matched to students’ academic and emotional needs. Parents are guided in how best to support their child’s school experiences as Kam blends her common-sense parenting with her professional knowledge of early learning. And just to make sure students arrive and depart safely from school each day, Kam picks up that octagonal red stop sign and marches out onto the school driveway to direct pedestrians and vehicles smoothly in and out.

Need a plan and venue for a staff social? Kam organizes it! Need help with keeping kids busy during breaks? Kam runs a skipping club on sunny days and a board games event on rainy days. Can’t get fundraising off the ground? Kam cruises the community to gather supporters.

Kam is a tireless worker for all of us Abbotsford School District and proudly declares that, “I love my job!” Those of us who have the good fortune to work alongside Kam can easily say that, “We love working with you too, Kam!”

Pat Jensen
Principal, Dave Kandal Elementary