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Blog: Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Celebrating Kayla Muller

If you’ve watched the Wizard of Oz, you’ve discovered the wizard behind the magic of Oz. At Rick Hansen Secondary, Kayla Muller is that Wizard of Rick Hansen. She is the person who makes magic happen. In her classroom, students are engaged in learning lessons woven from a storyteller. Her class is often filled with conversations about literature and learning. Students fill the chairs, the desks, and tiny spaces at lunch to lean into learning from a teacher who is using her voice, her incredible toolbox of pedagogy and more to engage and entice learners into her love of English. Her classroom is filled with the love of all things learning - from bulletin boards that encourage self-love to shelves filled with genres of books. As a Global Awareness club leader, her classroom during lunch is filled with students who are actively engaged in making a difference... just like her! As a Student Leadership Advisor, her before and after school hours are filled with students who are creating an atmosphere of energy, fun, creativity and more at the school.

Her fingerprints on innovation and connectedness can been seen throughout the school, and we are so thankful to have her on our RHSS team. Thank you, Kayla!

Linda Pollastretti

Principal, Rick Hansen Secondary