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Blog: Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Celebrating Monique Bond

Bakerview Centre for Learning is Abbotsford School District’s hub for alternate and adult learning programs. Our school is filled with unsung heroes and heroines – staff, students, volunteers, family members and people from government and community service agencies who make enormous contributions to people who are doing everything they can to make positive progress in their lives.

This past November one of our heroines, Monique Bond, was honoured at a gathering of Fraser Valley school district aboriginal educators. Monique was one of a small number of educators (and the only one from Abbotsford) who was blanketed in recognition of their outstanding commitment to supporting the success of indigenous learners.

Monique first started working as support staff in Abbotsford Schools in 1996. She has held a number of different positions since then, including 7 years in the Abbotsford Senior Secondary cafeteria, 4 years in the Abby Senior Integrated Studies Program (ISP) and 2 years with the District Aboriginal Centre as an itinerant reading support worker helping emerging aboriginal readers at 5 different elementary schools. For the last 6 years Monique has been the Aboriginal Support Worker at Bakerview, helping secondary-age indigenous learners achieve success at school and in life.

Monique feels very privileged to do the work she does. She enjoys the journey of discovering aboriginal culture hand-in-hand with her students, the opportunity to make school a better place for aboriginal students than it was for her growing up, and the freedom at Bakerview to create individualized opportunities and supports for each of the students she works with. 

Monique makes a difference in so many ways – through the relationships she builds with students, through the humble approach she models to achieving success in life, and through her commitment to changing the narrative about the relationship indigenous learners have with school. She expects her students to be successful, but recognizes that expectations are often not enough. To fulfill expectations, students need caring, committed and resilient people in their lives. Monique is the difference so many of our aboriginal learners at Bakerview need.

Principal, Bakerview Centre for Learning