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Blog: Friday, September 27th, 2019

Celebrating Nathan Eunson

Nathan Eunson has been working in the K – 12 sector for approximately 10 years, the last two years of which have been here in the Abbotsford School District. His calm demeanour and positive attitude have been a shining example of where we want to be as a department. Nathan has been put in difficult, high-pressure situations and has been able to meet the challenges with a customer focus.

Nathan has continuously been upgrading his technical knowledge and skills, which has benefited the district immeasurably. He is the first to step up to a challenge, willing to do whatever is necessary to resolve a problem. We appreciate Nathan's innovative spirit to take on projects and issues that are difficult and potentially out of his realm of expertise. He can learn complex topics quickly and apply that knowledge in finding a solution.

Recently, Nathan has become the Manager of IT Security and Compliance. In this role, Nathan will be working closely with Office 365 and our district's security posture. Nathan has many great ideas and will be a driver of innovation. His initiative and work ethic have made him integral in the district's IT operations, and we look forward to seeing him grow as a leader.

Manager, Information Technology