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Blog: Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Celebrating Nicole Erickson

Can you say extraordinary?! Nicole Erickson, Library Learning Commons Teacher at Dr. Roberta L. Bondar Elementary School, epitomizes the Ministry of Education’s new redesign curricular approach to teaching. As a result of her careful and thoughtful collaborative lesson development with teachers in our building, Mrs. Erickson organizes, presents, and facilitates lessons with her students that exemplify the instructional values and approaches we promulgate. Her ability to foster her student’s innate interest and curiosity has profoundly shaped the attitudes about school and learning for everyone at Bondar.

All teachers are genuinely committed to learning for each child although it is the teacher who can powerfully engage their students in, not just a lesson, but an educational experience who truly makes a difference in a child’s learning. This is what Nicole strives for in all her lessons and it is extraordinary to witness, to be a part of, and to learn from her.

Nicole keeps her competency-based learning targets at the forefront of all her lessons.  She displays evidence of students creating knowledge and of their learning. Mrs. Erickson promotes collaborative learning amongst her students and throughout her lessons using a plethora of technological tools.  She engages students in authentic tasks, builds on students’ own personal experiences, and focusses lessons on character building and self-regulation.  She empowers student choice and celebrates their differences, invites everyone to accept others for their choices, opinions, and beliefs.  She promotes learning in different ways and appreciates that everyone does it at a different pace.

If there is a job, career, or role more suited to the skills, knowledge, diversity, and ability that Nicole Erickson brings to her position as Library Learning Commons Teacher at Roberta Bondar Elementary School, I am not sure what it would be. Anyone who has ever had the privilege to see the work she does from conceptual planning to execution of her lessons, Kindergarten to grade 5, would be hard pressed to find a more ideal role for her. We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic, enthusiastic, capable, and thoughtful educator in our building who is truly a…Difference Maker.

Submitted by Paulette Collier, Principal, Dr. Roberta Bondar Elementary