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Blog: Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Celebrating our 2019 Retirees

By Kayla Stuckart, Manager of Communications

As is the tradition every year, our final Difference Maker salutes the 2018-19  retirees. This year, we will see 46 employees retire from the Abbotsford School District. They have served as teachers, maintenance staff, custodians, clerical, youth workers and principals. And each and every day, they made a difference in the lives of our students.

In honour of the occasion, we showed our interview with some of the youngest students in our district and their thoughts on retirement. It’s worth a watch, if you haven’t already seen it!

As we heard at the 2019 Retirement Dinner, many of our retirees are headed off onto new adventures – spending extra time with their families, and finally diving into a passion project they have always dreamed off. To the following folks, we extend a heartfelt thank you and wish you a very happy and relaxing retirement. Wherever the road may take you, we hope you all enjoy this next stage in your life.


Bruce Cuthbertson, Charlotte Siemens and Lorraine Santos     

Operations Management

Bob Mainman

Teaching Staff

Leanne Abrey, Fred Andrews, Bruno Bergen, Dave Chambers, Doug Earl, Kerry Enns, Patricia Evans, Bruce Fisher, Ken Fox, Daye Goddard, Katherine Grieve, Janet Isaac, Matt Jones, Jacine Kylo, Maisie Lam, Terry LePage, Ken Marshall, Laura Menagh, Cheryl Penner, Harminder Rama, Patricia Skjolde, Ray Stobbe, Terri Straiton, Darlene Taylor, Willis Taylor, Naomi Unrau, Darice Voth, Deborah Windecker, and Laura Withers

Support Staff

Elaine Garry, Abram Giesbrecht, John Gillbert, Dawn Gyorgy, Thomas Lajoie, Donald Lavoie, Monique Laynes, Susan Matthews, Annette Molinell, Janice Oravec, James Stanley, Marilyn Rempel and Maureen Zuest

Kayla Stuckart

By Kayla Stuckart, Manager of Communications