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Blog: Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Celebrating Rob Fussi

Rob Fussi is definitely a difference maker here at Facilities and for Abbotsford School District. Rob has been part of the facilities team for 25 years. For at least 12 of those years, Rob worked as the only plumber for the district. As the plumbing foreman, Rob works very closely with his department and all other departments here at facilities.

Rob was a crucial member of the recent lead in the drinking water remediation team. His knowledge and experience was one of the main reasons this project was a success. His preplanning and constant involvement with our staff and contractors was second to none. Rob made this project a top priority and was ready, willing and able to assist at any point along the way.

Rob’s wealth of Abbotsford School District knowledge is shown on a regular basis, whether it is his interactions with the school staff, working with the facilities team or being a “go to guy” when dealing with emergencies.

This is a great opportunity to recognize Rob for the differences he makes!

Manager, Electrical & Mechanical