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Blog: Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Celebrating Shawn Mani & Alyssa Hutchinson

At Abby Middle, we like to say we are a school that has something for everyone. Exemplary middle schools offer multiple opportunities for students to try new things and Alyssa Hutchinson and Shawn Mani are the driving forces behind two of our most successful extracurricular programs. Shawn Mani is our Athletic Director who has done a fantastic job. He facilitates multiple teams for multiple sports, always finding staff coaches, while maintaining a strong balance between a participatory program and one that also strives for athletic excellence.  He is jokingly known as “Mr. Abby Middle” for the amazing work that he has done to support Abby Middle Athletics. Alyssa Hutchinson is our music and band teacher. She has created a band program that has nearly 20% of the school population playing an instrument and progressing from the beginning stages in grade 6 to an amazing ensemble in grade 8. She also leads a highly successful jazz band and has led a revival of the Abby Middle Choir.

Thank you, Mr. Mani and Ms. Hutchinson for enhancing the school lives of so many of our students. You really do make Abby Middle a fantastic place to be and have opened the doors for hundreds of students to explore their passions.

Principal, Abbotsford Middle