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Blog: Friday, December 21st, 2018

Human Resources Joins in the Season’s Spirit

Our HR Department Christmas celebration included taking a few hours of our time to give back to our community.  On Dec 12th twelve of us headed out to Gleaners to volunteer and learned more about this fantastic Abbotsford organization.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our host Elaine, who treated us to a cup of coffee and a mini presentation on Gleaners. Did you know that 30% of what farmers grow is wasted because it is not good enough to go to market? Gleaners receives donations from produce growers to create two viable products, dried soup mix, and apple snacks. These products are distributed around the world to places in need which include Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, and the Ukraine.

Our team was expected this morning, and we were excited to be there. As we entered the main hall an army of silver-haired volunteers greeted us. The smell of onions sweetened the air and stole a few tears from some of our members. One of the volunteers at the sink whispered to me that they were excited we were coming today. “Nobody likes to come when we’re doing onions!” Our team trimmed and scraped carrots followed by parsnips.  Working in stations of three we were accompanied by a gentle hum of comradery as a wave of satisfaction embraced the room. Just one hour of service per volunteer provides one meal to 105 hungry people. It felt good!

District Principal, Human Resources – Recruitment