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Blog: Monday, December 10th, 2018

Out with the old…

Over the past few years, the use of Google for Education and Office 365 has continued to grow exponentially across our district. Both tools are effective platforms for employee collaboration and communication, which has caused us to take an internal inventory of the platforms we use. As communicated last June, AbbyConnect is one of the platforms that has become redundant in our district and will be discontinued over the winter break. All the key AbbyConnect features that employees were utilizing have been infused into Office 365 and the employee resources that were listed on the main page are now available on every district/school website, via the in the “Resources” menu located in the top right of every page.

We are excited to streamline the platforms and make it easier for staff to find relevant links and information. If you require any assistance or training for the Office 365 platform, please connect with the Digital Learning Team.

Understanding Office 365 & Google for Education

Use this quick guide to understand the difference between our two main platforms.

Office 365

Google for Education

Login URL:

Login URL:

For employee communication and collaboration

For students & teachers

Primarily for Email, Calendar, OneDrive,
online Microsoft web apps – employee use

Primarily for Google Classroom, Google Apps – for student & teacher use

“Teams” feature substitutes many
Abbyconnect options

To log into the Chrome web browser and on Chromebooks use your learn34 account

Use your district login to connect

Contact for staff account support

Contact Curriculum-Digital Learning if you would like to learn how to utilize “Teams”

For student account support go to and look under “Google” in the top menu

Coming soon to a computer near you!

In the new year, we will be rolling out a few new security initiatives. We have previously rolled out the use of “Passphrases” in replacement of passwords to all student accounts in Learn 34 Google. In the new year, we will be requiring the use of passphrases for all staff logging into the District network. Passphrases are significantly more secure that regular passwords that have less than 12 characters and are much easier to remember too!

Director, Information Technology