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Applications are held for a period of one year. If you have sent in an application package within that year, there is no need to reapply.

You can send any material not included in your original package at a later date and we will attach it with your original application package. 

Section F (Teaching Experience) of our application form has a column marked FTE.  FTE means Full Time Equivalency.  If you were working full time in a position you would be considered a 1.0 FTE.  Each day counts as a .2 full time equivalency.

Yes, include all practicums and formal teaching experience

Due to the large volume of applications received, acknowledgements will only be made to those selected for an interview. 

If the closing date has passed, email us to determine if the selection committee is willing to accept late applications.  It is in your best interest to apply before the stated deadline.  All applications are time stamped upon submission.

You must submit a separate application form, cover letter and resume for each position in which you are interested.  Please do not apply for the same position more than once.


We offer attractive benefits and pension plans, review our Employee Benefits section for more information.

All teachers hired to our district will need to have their BCCT certification. In order to qualify you will require:

  • A British Columbia grade 12 diploma or equivalent
  • Four years of post-secondary study (Bachelor of Arts Degree)
  • Completion of a university teacher education program
  • Knowledge of the Canadian education system

For further information on qualifications, please contact the British Columbia College of Teachers Website

Grade 12, supplemented by graduation from a recognized one year post-secondary program.

  • 1 year certificate from a Special Education Assistance Program
  • Completion of recent experience working with special needs students


Grade 12, supplemented by graduation from a recognized two year post-secondary program.  Two year diploma may include Social Services Diploma, Human Services Diploma, Child & Youth Care Worker Diploma.  In addition to Upper Level (300 & 400) Psychology and completion of a 100 hour practicum in the area of behaviour management and/or counselling or equivalent

Grade 12, supplemented by graduation from a recognized Business College. 

  • Business Technology Certificate

Grade 12, supplemented by graduation from a recognized Business College. 

  • Building Service Worker Certificate

Teamsters Local 31, the Collective Agreement can be reviewed here

Education Assistants, Youth Care Workers, Administrative Clerks, Library Technicians, Cultural Support Workers, Strong Start Facilitators, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Maintenance

Rate(s) of Pay:
Hourly wages are listed in the collective agreement under Schedules - Wages and Allowances                                                                                                                                                     8% in lieu of statutory & non-statutory benefits are paid to casual employees
10 month employees receive bi-weekly vacation payout based on years served

Union Information:
Teamsters Local Union No. 31

Union Dues:

One time Initiation fee of $310.00 - $410.00 based on hourly wage. These are paid in installments.                                                                                                                                                  Monthly union dues are calculated at 2.5 x hourly rate + $2

Industry Advancement Fund:
$0.05 cents deducted for every hour worked collected by the Union to assist Support Staff professional development. Please contact the Union directly to request assistance with professional development.

Criminal Record Search:
Cost of $20.00 will be deducted from first pay cheque. 

Probationary Period:
480 hours. During the time, ongoing evaluations will be conducted.

Extended Service Casual is given on the date the 480 probationary period is completed. ESC Casuals are given priority on the call out schedule over other casuals (unless this impacts a student).