The extended health and dental plan is designed to help promote health and wellness for you, your spouse/partner and your dependent children.  Coverage is provided by the Teamsters' National Benefit Plan.

The School District pays 100% of the benefit cost.

Review the Teamster’s Benefit Booklet (PDF) for summary information about coverage and coverage levels. 

Detailed information can be obtained by calling the Teamsters National Benefit Plan Office at 1-888-478-8111.

Changes to Your Coverage

To add/remove a dependent or change coverage to your extended health or dental, please contact the Teamsters National Benefit Plan Office at 1-888-478-8111.

Submitting a Claim

You will need to submit an Extended Health Claim to Teamster along with original receipts to receive your reimbursement. It’s always a good idea to keep copies of your completed claim forms and receipts.  Most dentists bill Teamsters directly.  Check with your dentist prior to receiving any treatments.

Need Help?

If you have questions about your Extended Health benefits or need help filing your claim, contact Edythe Tucker or call the Teamsters National Benefit Plan Office at 1-888-478-8111

Note: In order to access group benefits, you must register with B.C. Universal Pharmacare and have provincial healthcare coverage (i.e. MSP) Visit the Pharmacare website.

Coordination of Benefits

People who are covered under more than one extended health or dental plan are required to submit their claims to their own plan first. Any remaining balance may be claimed through the spouse's plan.

Dependent Children Claims

For dependent children, the plan that pays first is determined by the birth date of the parents, as follows:

  • If your birth date is prior to your spouse's in the calendar year, your plan is the first payer and your children's expenses must be claimed through your own plan first.
  • If your spouse's birth date is prior to yours in the calendar year, then your spouse's plan is the first payer for your dependent children.