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Professional Growth

Supporting Your Learning Goals

The Abbotsford School District believes that supporting the learning goals of all employees is a fundamental element of our success. Speak to your HR Manager to learn more about developing your own personal growth plan, exploring your personal strengths or perusing our vast library of books.  HR can help you with:

  • Career Planning
  • Coaching
  • Personal Growth Plan Guide and Template
  • Exploring your Personal Strengths
  • Borrowing a personal or professional development book from the HR Staff Resource Library

Learning Options

The following learning options are available within the District:

Instructional Skill Development

  • Teacher Mentoring Program
  • Teacher Skill Building Software
  • Shared Learning Conference

Skill Builders

  • Communications and Leadership Training
  • Technology Training
  • WHIMIS Re-certification
  • First Aid
  • CPI

For more information, please contact your HR Manager.