ABC Recognition Program Update

January 11, 2023

The Above and Beyond Champions (ABC) Recognition Program is in its first year. The program recognizes our very talented and dedicated teachers, support staff, managers, and administrators throughout the district who make a difference every day and acknowledges contributions to our strategic goals, organizational values, and the culture of our schools and departments.

Nominations for recognition awards are submitted by peers and leaders in June, based on the following four categories:  

  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Supporting Student Success
  • Team Achievement

For the 2021/2022 school year, we received 36 nominations. The nomination committee, comprised of Baljeet Gill, Colin Abernethy, Deborah Chenier, Nicole Bliss, Shannon Thiesen, Steve Preston, Tambra Boerma-Henderson and Vanessa Fleury, will be presenting shortlisted nominees to the senior leadership team in January. Awards will be presented in March, along with our annual long-term service awards. Stay tuned for more information about nominees and for the invitation for nominations for 2022/23 this coming June.

Human Resources