Return-to-Work & Accommodation

Getting you back on your feet.

The Return-to-Work and Accommodation program has been developed to assist employees to stay-at-work or return-to-work after they have experienced and illness or injury. Download the Flyer

Why it's Important

  • The longer an employee is off work, the less likely they are to return to their job or any job
  • A focus on safe and sustained return-to-work practices will reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence
  • Clear and transparent processes and procedures will reduce confusion and uncertainty
  • Maintaining contact while an employee is away from work promotes a culture of care and concern for their wellbeing

Program Details

  • For an absence of longer than 5 days, the District will contact employees and inform them of the process, forms and supports available
  • The District will partner with employee’s medical provider to go through the accommodation request process
  • Regular check-ins during and after returning to work to see how  employees are doing and if additional supports are required
  • Ensure employees are medically fit to return to work by receiving medical clearance from the medical provider
  • We will prepare for the return-to-work by planning with employees and their manager to ensure a safe and sustained return

Joint Rehabilitation Programs

The intention of a joint rehabilitation committee is to work collaboratively with the Union and benefits providers to assist employees that are experiencing illness or injury that causes them to be away from work. 

  • BCTF Health & Wellness Program - The BCTF will assist teacher-members who are unable to maintain, or return to their teaching positions due to a medical illness or disability by funding an early intervention rehabilitation program. This program is offered on a voluntary basis. The BCTF will promote wellness initiatives in districts and at indvidual work sites. Visit Website
  • Teamsters Joint RTW - under development


Resources & Support​

Key Contacts & RTW Support

Elementary Teachers - Ph: 604.859.4891 ext 1227
Middle/Secondary and Helping Teachers - Ph: 604.859.4891 ext 1228
Instructional Support Staff - Ph: 604.859.4891 ext 1238
Clerical, Facilities, IT - Ph: 604.859.4891 ext 1209