Attendance Support

It's better when you're here.

The Attendance Support Program has been developed to raise awareness and offer support to employees that are experiencing higher than normal absences and to promote regular attendance at work. Download the Flyer

Why it's Important

  • Consistent attendance creates a stable learning environment for students and contributes to an effective and positive learning environment
  • Raising awareness and offering support to employees will decrease absences and increse continuity for students
  • Research shows that 52% of absences can be caused by factors other than illness such as social influences, personal characteristics and organizational influences
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations will break down barriers and help problem solve obstacles employees are facing

Program Details

  • Attendance of employees with the highest 5 percentage of absences will be reviewed
  • An information kit will be sent to employees to raise awareness of their attendance and offer supports
  • An Attendance Support meeting will occur if there are still concerns about attendance after the information kit has been provided
  • Progress will be monitored
  • A follow-up meeting will occur with the employee to discuss improved attendance or additional support necessary

Resources & Support